Monday, December 20, 2010

Placement Officer Phone Call Today

It's been about a month since my last post and today, I received a phone call from my Placement Officer.  We had a 45 minute conversation about my expectations, thoughts, and flexibility about the PC.  She leaves Wednesday for her holiday break and told me that she would call me again on January 10th.  She has signed off on me to officially become a volunteer, thats the good part, but now its all about placement.  From the sound of what she said, there aren't very many positions left leaving in February for me to go, so I might be pushed back to March or April :-(.  So if that is the case, according to wiki, these are the potential places and dates for March & April:

March 9 = Kazakhstan
March 9 = Senegal
March 14 = Albania
March 21 = Morocco
March 21 = Ukraine
March 25 = Kyrgyz Republic
March 28 = Ukraine
March 28 = Bulgaria

April 1 = Botswana
April 4 = Indonesia
April 20 = Romania

But according to the PO, most of the people that go to Eastern Europe have medical issues.  So my next post will probably be around January 10.  Until then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



  1. Congrats! I have a phone date with my placement officer tomorrow! I'm so sorry that you have to wait AGAIN till the 10th though! What's your program?

  2. Do not recommend Kazakhstan or Indonesia. If you get Morocco, go to Rick's Cafe Americain!
    You can get information about each country at the Dept of State website...

  3. Thanks for the insight into the likely schedules of all Placement Officers at this time of the year- - - this will ease my RAS & IAA as I wait patiently to hear from one.