Friday, January 21, 2011

Leaving for...

Well I'm just about on time for my monthly post.  On Friday, January 14, I received my PC invite in the mail.  For all of you that haven't seen one, its quite overwhelming.  Lots and lots of reading to do, paperwork to fill out, and packing (I think I'll make the 80 lbs mark).  I've started to order all the things I think I will need for my two years of service in Malawi.

Malawi looks like a pretty sweet place I'm not going to post information about the country, don't be lazy, just Google it.  I will be in training from February 24 through April 27, then my service will be from April 27, 2011 to April 26, 2013.  I will do one more post before I leave then who knows when I'll be able to post again.