Friday, April 15, 2011

Alive and Well in Malawi

Well I've been in malawi for almost two months now and it is pretty good. So far I have lived at the Dedza forestry college (1 week), Mkomeko village (5 weeks), at my future Peace Corps site - Namandanje, Lilwonde, and now I'm in Zomba for a week. As you can tell from reading this, I have Internet now, thanks Apple iPhone, greenp0isn, and Airtel. My home for two years is pretty sweet - electricity, running water, flushing toilet, washing machine, amazing food (provided by the Catholic church) and a great/friendly community. The only downside is the cell phone reception is less than perfect, actually its less than bad. Other than that the food here isn't that bad. Transportation is a slow process here, but I've been hitchhiking like crazy, so I can save my kwacha for other things. I have two phone numbers here if anyone wants to call me it costs me nothing to get calls. 265992127414 and 265991444849. Best time to call me is between 10am and 1pm eastern standard time. Or you can always email me, Well I'm signing off I hope all is well with you all, until next time.


  1. Glad you are doing well, pal. Hope you continue to have a great experience that will broaden your future opportunities.

    p.s. - Things in Austin are fantastic. When you're done with your service in Malawi, you must visit.


  2. So glad to hear from you!! Are you taking lots of pictures? the Doyle and I are thinking of you!!

    Rach at Tony's

  3. So happy to hear things are going well for you! Keep up the good work Dindio.