Saturday, May 28, 2011

Officially 90 days in Malawi

What a fast 90 days. So much has been going on. I've learned Chichewa, cook on an open fire, how to make nsima, use a pit latrine, survive without electricity, running water, and Internet/cell reception. The funny thing is that I didn't need to learn any of that, except a bit of Chichewa. As you read from my last post I've got the above mentioned items in the bag, and I'll be moving into my own house on May 31. Which means I'm gonna start making Jungle Hooch (Peace Corps wine). Enough about me how about what I've been doing and what I'm going to be doing.

1. Began a library consolidation, 3 into 1. Should be all done with a couple months.
2. Started planning and researching a lunch program for the local primary school, they don't feed the children in most schools here, and this school had been identified as having many malnourished children.
3. Trying to get the secondary school hooked up to electricity.
4. Trying to get the borehole at the secondary school repaired.
5. Will be teaching History to form 1 & 2 at the secondary school starting in the fall.
6. Wrote and submitted a grant to get the laboratory retrofitted with lab desks for the secondary school.
7. Working with the water supervisor to fix the many boreholes in the area, have helped fix 5 already.
8. Next week will be submitting another grant to build a borehole for 6 villages, currently the 2,250+ peoople walk 2-3 km to get water from a riverbed that is dry for half the year.
9. Advising a home based care group on how to operate more smoothly.
10. Advising a community based organization on better business practices.
11. Setting up training for a group that wants to form a HIV/AIDS support group.
12. Hopefully will be able to help with the reorganization of our health center.

These items I need your help on... I need to raise money for these items.
13. Trying to get books sent over to be put in our newly reorganized library. Money for shipping - couple hundred dollars for all the books to ship.
14. Want to build a borehole, I know I've mentioned this term a few times, it's how people get their water. It's a hand operated pump that pull water from a well. Anyways gotta have kore around here - $7,000.
15. Last but not least the primary school does not gave desks for the students. I know what your thinking, a school without desks, its like NASCAR without beer and sausages. But unfortunately it's true. Close to 2,000 children attends classes and sit on a concrete floor for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week to get an education, kinda unimaginable back in the good ole USA, pictures will be on their way. This little venture I'm trying to do will cost close to $45,000.

So I will leave you all with this. If you can help great, shoot me an email,, and I will give you more info.

I hope all is well with you back in the States and don't be a stranger.

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