Thursday, December 1, 2011

Right on Time

What am I on time for? No clue. I started off with the blog back in December of 2010, I guess, and I thought I'd do at least one post per month. We can see how that turned out. It's amazing how people can sit down and do this everyday. Maybe my life isn't that exciting, who knows and who cares. I talk to my parents usually each Friday, but it's amazing how most weeks I have nothing to talk about. It must be surprising to all of you back in America that I've got nothing to talk about, especially being in Africa, but life has almost become the same ole same ole. I still enjoy what I'm doing, but God, sometimes it's impossible to do anything, think of working in government, but where no one has money, speaks your language, or doesn't want to do anything unless they get something in return. Enough with my opening rant on to more pressing matters. 

277 days in Malawi, 218 at Namandanje, and 509 till I finish my service, but who is keeping track, not I.

Well thanksgiving here in Malawi was pretty awesome. Turkey, gravy,  stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, cream style corn, mashed potatoes, bruchetta, pizza, latkes, honey glazed carrots, pecan pie, cheesecake, and Jack Daniels. Not only was it celebrated in an international location but Italy, Germany, Poland, Malawi, and America were represented with the 20 guests at the tables.

I've been doing a lot of reading, 35 books so far, and halfway through #36. I have been more involved with the local health center, I've succeed in creating a more viable money system, but acquiring drugs is still a huge problem. I am currently trying to get two computer labs up and running here, two is always better than one.

More about me, I've mastered the are of nsima making, google nsima make it easier for both of us. I have a puppy, his name is Dobby, he's a good dog, trying to teach him some tricks. He's got sit, lay down, stay, and bathroom notification down pat. I've lost 53 pounds as of today, check out my facebook photos to see the new look. 

Well this is when I start blanking on what to blab about. Send me emails, I really enjoy getting them. Some of you have mailed me letters, you know who you are, thank you very much. Talk to you all soon.