Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to Malawi

As Cliff Clavin said, on more than one occasion, Its a little known fact that I'm going back to Malawi tomorrow.  Yep thats right, I've been in America since June 26.  I've had a great time seeing all my family and friends.  I went to Maine with Cusson and Kent, saw the Red Sox lose to the Blue Jays, but I had the best seats in the house, thanks to Kent, drank way too many beers that were't Carlsberg, ate some of the best/worst food America has to offer, rode my motorcycle here/there/everywhere, used technology, and best of all brought back amazing weather (it only rained once).  I'd like to thank all the people that traveled to see me, took time out of their days to hang out, brought me out for food or drinks, and most of all put up with my ramblings about my life in Malawi.

As I leave tomorrow, August 2, I head back to the place I have called home for the past 16 months.  A place where I have made great friends, saw things you only see on TV, experienced things that not many people can ever understand, and lived like many people would never want to.  The next 9 months will be but a blink of an eye.  I hope to finish my projects and make them sustainable, but if it doesn't work, well such is life.  I am a changed person because of this, and as I come back next year with gifts and memories, I will also be bringing back my dog. (It's one of those things now, whenever I talk about Africa my dog has to be mentioned.) So I will see you all April 2013.

Have fun. Don't hurt yourself. Stay off drugs.