Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Day of sights and sounds

Well this morning Dobby woke me up at 7. We went for a little walk and I decided that, even though I had some coffee it was too early to continue with the day outside at least. We bummed around and at 10 drove to Patterson Park. It's huge. But still not big enough to contain the adventurers. So we proceeded to walk through the projects and end up in downtown Baltimore. Visited Camden Yards and many other sites. Actually was asked to leave the hallowed grounds where Ripken played - no dogs allowed. I read the sign and even told the security guy. He said I had a good point, but it was implied. None the less, 7 miles later we arrived back at the car. Oh, I bought a delicious fresh-squeezed lemonade. Got back to the motel and Dobby took a super nap. At 5:30 met up with Renee for dinner at the Blue Hill Tavern and the proceeded to use the coolest "taxi" app ever, Uber. We got a ride over to the other side of Baltimore for a drink at a hipster bar then caught a show that's part of the Fringe Theatre Festival. It all ended taking another Uber taxi up a one way street, the wrong way and a drink at the Annabel Lee Tavern. Baltimore, you treated me well and Renee thanks for showing me around and sharing lots of laughs.

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