Monday, November 3, 2014

Old Forge

Well I've made it to my first stop along the way, Old Forge, PA. The home to a longtime friend, Jay. I left Dalton at 12:45 and took every backroad until i arrived. I figure that I'm in no rush, so why should I travel fast. I arrived at 5:20 and was welcomed by Jay's dad and Lucy, the family's hyper dog. She was quickly introduced to Dobby and got a dose of her own medicine (she bosses around the family cat). Anyways Mrs. Malecki arrives home and after catching up on how awesome my final destination will be we went to dinner at a diner. Fish and chips followed by a small serving of rice and bread puddings, simply delicious. When we got back I fed Dobby, and I think I have found a wY for him to eat his whole dinner right away, have another dog there watching him, he thought Lucy was going to steal his food. I showed My photos of Malawi and have settled in for the night. Tomorrow I journey south to my next stop on my journey. I'll let you in on where I am then.

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