Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cooks Bay - Towit Aid Post - Erromango - Vanuatu

The other day Peace Corps sent out the site placements to Vanuatu Group 29 trainees and I'm excited to announce that I will be the first volunteer in Towit. It is located on the eastern side of Erromango in Cook's Bay. There are two grass airstrips on the island, one road, and I'm not near any of it. I'll wait till I arrive to figure out how I get around, looks like I'm gonna be doing a lot of walking. I'm glad I brought my machete back from Malawi. 

My potential projects will be:
  • Assisting with capacity building for Health committee members
  • Assisting health workers with community health survey
  • Raising awareness and training to care for Disabled people in the community.
  • Community health education for men, women, youth and children to promote prevention strategies against:
    • NCDs (Noncommunicable Diseases)
    • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) related diseases
    • Improved toilets and maintenance
    • Maternal child health
    • STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
The amount of information about where I am going is minimal but I like it that way, more of an adventure in my mind. But let me tell you about this small world story:

We all get our site announcements and on the Vanuatu Group 29 Facebook page a current PCV posted a site roll call and we all put our sites up. Laura and Brian posted that they too will be on Erromango, on the other side of the jetty 'just North', 14+ mile hike, of me in Port Narvin. Well a couple days later Laura messages me that they currently live in...Austin! Crazy huh? Wait, hold my beer. Last night at my bar, Mort Subite, the only Belgian beer bar in Austin, I was talking to a couple and I brought up that I'm going into the Peace Corps, yada yada yada. They said they have friends doing the Peace Corps too - well here's the kicker its Laura and Brian. They are home-brewers that are doing a Belgian beer competition with the couple that came to my bar. Oh the people you meet!

I'll post at least one more time before I depart in 34 days.

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